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Oh, the hypocrisy of it all. We Americans claim to be so dedicated to being environmentally conscious, and striving to leave a small environmental footprint, but those are words. A better measure of what Americans like, and where their values really reside is what they spend their money on. Words are easy, but money “costs” … well money; and generally it costs real physical, and mental effort to get the money. So that is what people are really putting out for their various necessities such as cars, be they giant gas guzzlers like a Hummer, or overly big electricity sippers like the Prius. When it comes to a truly efficient personal transportation, you can’t buy it in America; it just isn’t available. You can buy motorcycles, but they are terrible when it comes to passenger miles per gallon, and miles per fatality (but that’s another issue).

But now there is a glimmer of hope on the horizon and it comes not from the American cowboys in Detroit but from the Indians. Its called the Tata Nano and although it doesn’t cost much it gets double the gas mileage of the current American fleet.

tata_nano_4.jpg Tata Nano Wiki

Of course it isn’t as ugly as a Hummer and it probably won’t fly like one

Flying Hummer GM Hummer Wiki

but I suspect it makes a valiant effort, and could get you, and four friends from home to your jobs using less than one fifth the gas.