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Morning Walk

On January 3, 2008 I posted a comment about weight loss based on a current article from Science Daily claiming that lack of deep sleep causes an increase in blood sugar levels. It is common knowledge that higher blood sugar levels are associated with weight gain and diabetes and therefore to avoid these problems it seems an obvious conclusion that one should get a good night’s sleep. I have been doing a new diet for ten days a month for a year now and have had good success and am now within five pounds of my original goal of under 170. I don’t have any particular problem with sleeping but I do have some irregularity and so because of the article I am going to try a new ten day experiment based on sleep enhancement and hopefully lose a couple more pounds. The plan:

1. Go to bed at exactly the same time every night. – 12:o5.

2. Get up at exactly the same time every morning. – 8:05.

3. Take a walk around the block immediately after dressing. 8:10 -8:15.

Those things are all really easy to do but then all of the things in my Probaway Ten Day Diet are easy to do. Because if they aren’t easy to do, I will quit doing them. Basically, I start off with something easy, do the new thing long enough to become routine and a habit under a given circumstance and then ease off and try to do it automatically. After a month I try something else which seems to have good potential but I set it up in such a way that it is easy to do. From one month to the following ones some of the good habits take hold and become routine. I do watch for recurrence of bad habits.

In this case the only difficult thing about going to bed is that there are always lots of exciting things that need to be attended to before quitting for the day. But, once I realize there are always lots of exciting things to do, even tomorrow, then it is easier to take a break and go to bed. The next thing is getting up. The difficult thing about getting up is that it is so very nice in bed but then if there are fun things to go do it is a pleasure to get up. And lastly, the difficult thing about taking a walk is getting going and that it is so very bright outside. But that’s the point, to get your body revved up and the bright light sets your circadian rhythms and then you are going strong for the rest of the day.

Now that I have written this and reread it, what it reminds me of is what old men and old sages have been reported as doing since time immemorial. Well, I am a slow learner but I can learn. So can you.