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BMI comparisons
Last year’s resolution was to try a new diet for the first ten days of each month. It wasn’t so much that I was overweight; most of my friends said I looked just fine to them. The problem was that when I sat down my belt got tight and so when driving the car it was necessary to loosen my belt which meant that when getting out of the car it needed to be tightened back up again or else my pants would fall down. My BMI was 28 and recommended is 25 or less but everyone admitted that the BMI measure was not very good because if you were muscular and in really good athletic shape your BMI would be as high as a fluff ball fatty. I am in pretty good shape so I thought maybe it wasn’t necessary to do anything. What to do? Well, I researched it as best as possible and created my own weight theory and recommendations. Ultimately there isn’t anything new about how one should behave that my grandmother didn’t tell me as a child, but how to achieve those reasonable goals is what I concentrated on. It boils down to maintaining your interest and awareness and creating good habits. So I created what I called The Probaway Ten Day Diet. That plan requires modifying one’s unconscious habits at critical times and that is what my previous year’s resolution was all about so it was a natural thing for me to do. After doing twelve different diets and losing a couple of pounds per month I have gone from 194 pounds to 174 pounds. I have never been hungry, at least not for very long because if I am hungry I go get something to eat. For me what seemed to make the greatest difference was avoiding carbohydrates in all their guises. I didn’t realize what a carbo junkie I was until doing this experiment. It has taken a while and I have probably changed in some subtle way but food actually tastes much better than a year ago. Perhaps its the Trader Joe’s salads.

Improving your sleeping situation probably lowers your excess fat! It has been known for a long time that fat people don’t sleep very well but it may be just the other way around, people who don’t get enough sleep get fat. Just in the news. A study reported in January 2008 Science Daily tracked blood sugar levels of nine twenty-year-olds when deprived of deep sleep and found that there was a substantial increase in their blood-glucose levels. That puts them at risk for putting on excess fat. The obvious and easy response to this study’s findings is to improve your sleep situation as much as possible. Make your bedroom darker, quieter, with cool fresh air and with no interruptions. Make your bed as comfortable as possible with just the right amount of blankets and a comfortable allergy free pillow. Sleep studies have proven that you sleep best if you go to bed and get up at the exact same time every day. During the day getting outside into the bright daylight several times helps to regulate your sleep cycle and it is most important to do it early in the morning and near sundown. Furthermore, whenever you feel a bit sleepy during your normal activity time go for a short walk outside in the sunlight. It helps to eat most of your food early in the day and drink lots of water throughout the day but not so much at bedtime.